The Name ‘Giannis’ For American Newborns Is Up 662 Percent Since 2016


by Tommy Gimler

Also, parents who immediately knew they birthed a loser dished out the name “Kyrie” quite a bit.

According to JSOnline, using “Giannis” as a name for newborn boys jumped some 135 percent last year, and its popularity is now up a whopping 662 percent since 2016. Sure, at that point there was maybe a single kid in West Allis sporting that name so there was nowhere to go but up, but still, there are now five times that many in the state of Wisconsin alone and 61 across the nation who are going to be called freaks from here on out.

Parents are also beginning to name their baby boys “Baker” at a much higher rate than they were a few years ago. Presumably named after the Cleveland Browns stud quarterback and not the Puerto Rican porn star Dee Baker, the name is now used twice as often as it was in 2017.

Sadly though, it was another tough year for those hoping to see “BabyDick Jenkins” climb the charts…

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You have got to see this shit:

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