Saturday Was Not Brett Gardner’s Best Day

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by Tommy Gimler

In the face. IN THE FACE!

Coming into Saturday’s game against the Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner was nothing short of a big, bald struggle bus. Registering just one hit in June and going hitless over his previous 18 at-bats, Gardner was teetering on the brink of losing his mind, and after getting robbed in the sixth inning to make it 0 for his last 21, Gardner fell over the edge and rifled his helmet into the Progressive Field.

Let’s see how that went:

Given that Gardner’s dome is one of the biggest on the planet, it’s no surprise that he wasn’t able to get it out of the way of the helmet as it ricocheted back at him. He would actually need six stitches to close the gash in his lip that resulted from his shitdickery, and in case you’re wondering if getting drilled in the face by your own helmet is a great way to get off the schneid at the plate, it is not, as he grounded out in the eighth to make it 0 for his last 22.

UPDATE: Gardner homered in his first at-bat on Sunday to break his hitless streak. Whether or not Luke Voit and Gary Sanchez took him out to find a slump buster in Cleveland last night is anybody’s guess, but if they did, well, let’s just say it probably wasn’t a difficult search in that city…

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You have got to see this shit:

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