Look How Much Fun They’re Having Watching Children Play Baseball In Lakewood, Colorado

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by Tommy Gimler

Teal shorts? Man, this guy throwing haymakers at a children’s baseball game is full of terrible life choices.

The Colorado Rockies might be beating the piss out of the ball right now, but it’s a group of shitdick parents beating the snot out of each other at a Lakewood Little League game over the weekend that is pretty much all that people are talking about in terms of Colorado baseball. It all started when a…wait for it…13-year-old umpire called a hitter out for batting out of order. Yes, that was apparently enough to send these parents/worthless turds into action.

The age of the players on the diamond at the time? You guessed it - seven years old. We’d say that a sign at this complex like the one they threw up at Little League park in Buffalo Grove would be a nice touch at this point, but the odds of any of those parents being able to read it is probably somewhere between slim and not a fucking chance.

Each and every one of these parents should be ashamed of themselves, including the one who thought summoning the supposed son of God to break that shit up was necessary. And hey, if you’re wondering why kids are turning into little fucktards (like this one below) on the diamond a few years down the road, well, take a guess. Take it away, Bob Menery:

Wait, there’s more: Sometimes You Sit On Your Own Balls And Damn, That Hurts

You have got to see this shit:

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