Jeff Van Gundy Is A Lying Bag Of Shit

jeff van gundy

by Tommy Gimler

YUGE lying bag of shit in fact.

Major upset tonight, as I’m actually watching the NBA Finals on ABC or ESPN or the Mickey Mouse Fuckshow Hour or whatever they’re calling it these days. Maybe it’s because my wife has family over or maybe I’m looking for a quick story before plow time. Either way, I found that quick story.

In case you missed it in Game 3, Toronto’s Kyle Lowry jumped into the seats in an attempt to save the ball. A Warriors minority owner (or whatever the pussies in this country want to call him now because the term owner is somehow “racist”) decided to shove him for some reason. And for some other reason, Jeff Van Gundy decided to say that he too would have shoved Lowry:

For starters, you gotta love Mark Jackson calling Van Gundy what he is, and that of course is a giant white pussy. I believe it was something to the effect of “You’re from the suburbs. You wouldn’t be pushing anybody.”

But now have a listen to that lying bag of shit Van Gundy tonight in Game 4 saying that he didn’t see the shove when it first went down in Game 3:

I mean, in all seriousness and “with all due respect” to Van Gundy, eat a giant bag of dicks, you lying bag of shit. We’ll move on from simple things like calling you out, you bald-headed fuck when you stop treating the millions of people watching your pathetic, uninformative ass like they’re mentally dicked.

Now, on to plow time…

Wait, there’s more: Paul Pierce Admits To Pooping Himself In The 2008 NBA Finals And Then Denies It Hours Later

You have got to see this shit:

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