Video Of The NBA Draft Lottery Dress Rehearsal Leaked And The Suns Once Again Got The First Pick

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by Tommy Gimler

Dozens of Suns fans must be thrilled.

A conspiracy surrounding the NBA Draft Lottery? You don’t say.

From the bent corner of the envelope containing the New York Knicks logo in the Patrick Ewing sweepstakes to Dikembe Mutombo announcing the Sixers won the first pick hours before the actual process (pun intended), conspiracies are a bigger part of the NBA Draft Lottery than college dropouts who wind up going broke.

Well, it appears as though the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery has already joined the club.

So, will the Suns really get the first pick for the second year in a row while the Knicks fall all the way to five? Probably not. If Zion doesn’t end up in either New York or Chicago, odds are somebody in the league office is going to get thrown into the Hudson tonight.  And if Kristaps Porzingis was getting his ass kicked in Latvia before this, they’d probably paralyze his ass if their beloved Knicks dropped down to the fifth pick tonight.

Our guess is that this video is simply a distraction that will hopefully take eyes off the real fix that will take place in a few hours…

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You have got to see this shit:

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