This Guy Got A Zion Knicks Tattoo Before Last Night’s NBA Draft Lottery, Is An Idiot

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by Tommy Gimler

Maybe Zion Williamson will eventually play for the Knicks around the year 2025, but still, this is pretty fucking stupid.

The end result of last night’s NBA Draft Lottery was a bigger surprise than the moment you realize you’ve unknowingly walked into a gay bar. New Orleans – not New York – wound up winning the Zion sweepstakes, and let’s check in on how Zion feels about that.

But if you thought Zion Williamson in a Pelicans jersey was the dumbest thing to come out of last night, well, you’re wrong. That honor goes to this clown who decided to get a Zion Knicks tattoo etched into the skin above his ankle hours before the Knicks fell to the #3 spot in next month’s draft.   

Well, there is good news for this guy. I mean, odds are the black pants he’s required to wear at Wendy’s will cover up this embarrassment…

Wait, there’s more: Video Of The NBA Draft Lottery Dress Rehearsal Leaked And The Suns Once Again Got The First Pick

You have got to see this shit:

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