Louisville Batter Gets Plunked In The Dome, Umpire Calls It A Strike

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by Tommy Gimler

Wait, Angel Hernandez is umping college baseball games, too?

The Louisville men’s baseball team played a game Sunday afternoon against…Christ, I can’t find it…to hell with it. It doesn’t matter who they were playing. All that matters is one of their batters got drilled in the helmet by a pitch and…wait for it…the umpire had the stones to call it a fucking strike.

Supposedly there’s a new rule in college baseball that gives the ump the power to call that pitch a strike despite the fact that the batter got hit in the head if he deems the batter made no effort to get out of the way or stepped into a ball that was actually over the plate. In this case, though, the dude stops and ducks in an effort to not go through the rest of his life with CTE, yet the ump still called it a strike.

And that, kids, sucks…

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You have got to see this shit:

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