Listen To The Sports Gambling Podcast’s Colby Dant And Friends Talk To Mike Leach About Bigfoot…And College Football


by Tommy Gimler

Show me a coach not named Mike Leach who’s willing to go on the record about Bigfoot and then schemes used today to pay college players, and I’ll show you a fucking liar.

Hopefully by now you’ve been tuning into any of the shows over at the Sports Gambling Podcast, as those who have been doing so on a regular basis now have much fatter pockets because of it. Take Colby Dant, for example. The dude and his brother don’t hide behind two or three “best bets” during the college football and basketball seasons. They’ll tell you how to bet every goddamn game on a given night and still hit at somewhere in the neighborhood of 55 percent. That’s every game, kids.

And speaking of college football, the 2019 season is just a few months away. That’s means the “Dantabase” is already back at it, writing and talking everything related to the sport. He started by releasing his coaching rankings, a list that had Washington State’s Mike Leach at the top. And what happens when you put Mike Leach on the top of any list? You guessed it – he comes on your show and talks about how college football could fix their joke of a playoff system and Bigfoot definitely being a defensive end if he played the game.

Listen here as Dant, Sean Green and Ryan Kramer talk to the Cougars head coach in what turned out to be a fascinating and can’t-miss 26 minutes.

I mean, if Leach’s take on the #1 seed in the “pirate playoffs” doesn’t move him to the top of your list of college football’s greatest coaches, well, fuck you, then…

Wait, there’s more: Here’s Jon Rahm Pissing, A Jockey-Less Pony At The Preakness And A Fat Blazers Fan Chugging His Beer While Being Ejected

You have got to see this shit:

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