Here’s Shaq Telling ‘Dumbass’ Charles Barkley That He’s Going To Kick His Ass On Live TV

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by Tommy Gimler

Finally, here’s something that would be worth watching this NBA postseason.

According to Sports Media Watch, only nine of the 43 NBA playoff games that can be compared to last year have posted an increase in ratings, and of those nine, five have involved Golden State.

Why aren’t people watching the NBA Playoffs this year? Well, maybe the fact that more than half the league makes the postseason is one place to start. Hell, the three bottom-feeders of the Eastern Conference were a combined four games over .500. Was it absolutely necessary for those sacks of fuck to continue their seasons? Sure, winning 42 games probably seemed like a banner year for the dozens of fans in Orlando, but still, getting curb stomped by Toronto was simply unnecessary.

Or maybe it’s the fact that 14 of the 15 Western Conference teams didn’t have a shot in hell to make it to the NBA Finals again this year, so why would anybody want to waste their Friday and Saturday nights watching these eventual failures instead of hitting on their wife’s drunk sister at a family game night?

Whatever the case might be, here’s one way to boost ratings for this year’s postseason: Shaquille O’Neal and that “dumbass” Charles Barkley throwing up dukes against each other:

Throwing either haymakers or “metal damn cans” at each other, it doesn’t matter. Either way, it’s going to be better than 99 percent of what we’ve seen on the hardwood this year…

Wait, there’s more: Is This A Kentucky Derby Horse Or An Urban Dictionary Sex Move?

You have got to see this shit:

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