What If You Could Wait Until 3 Weeks Of MLB Games Were Played Before Betting On Win Totals?

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers

by Tommy Gimler

The Boston Red Sox under is suddenly looking tastier than one of Tito’s tacos.

Let’s be honest. If you put a few grand on the Red Sox to win over 94.5 games, that bet is looking more busted up than Hope Solo’s hump hole 19 games into the season. At 6-13, Boston is already 8.5 games behind the AL East-leading Tampa Bay Rays, who could go on and play just a c-hair under .500 ball from here on out and still see the over hit on their win total of 84.5 that was set by the thugs in Vegas.

Obviously, betting on who is going to finish over or under their respective win totals is much easier when you wait until 3 weeks worth of games have already been played. Or is it?

Just last year, the New York Mets were slapped with a win total of 81.5 by Sin City’s finest, and after beginning the season 11-1, odds are you were already jamming your favorite pen up your bookie’s peehole. Unfortunately for you, they would finish their next 150 games at 66-84, leaving you with the peehole that was going to get something jammed up it.

In 2014, the Atlanta Braves came into the season with a win total of 87.5, and after beginning the season 17-7, baseball experts were considering the Braves to be the real deal. Well, they weren’t. They didn’t even finish .500 that year. Dick sandwich.

Well, we’re going to give it a shot anyway. Justin Gilbert and Barry Murphy join Tommy Gimler in studio, and the guys are putting enough money on the line to buy an Ariana Grande sweatshirt at Coachella this weekend. If you can find a bookie who’s still taking bets on this shit, congratulations. And please, let us know who that is.

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