This Poor Auburn Gymnast May Have Suffered The Grossest Sports Injury I’ve Ever Seen

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by Frank Rhombus

Got the munchies tonight? This should crush your appetite.

It’s been a rough weekend for Auburn sports programs, but if you’re still moping around your dorm room wondering what might have been had Kyle Guy not been fouled with less than a second left, snap the fuck out of it. It could always be worse.

I mean, just ask Auburn gymnast Samantha Cerio. To say things didn’t go too well for her during the Athens Regional would be a bigger understatement than saying Lil Wayne is unattractive. Check out this horrific injury Cerio suffered if you’ve got the stomach:

Go ahead and watch that again if you want, but brah, we’re pretty sure that wasn’t her ankle that was dicked. It was more like both of her femurs.

Just how tough is Cerio? Here’s what her coach had to say about her, mind you, after both of her legs had just snapped in two:

“She’s a trouper,” coach Jeff Graba said. “The last thing she said was, ‘Go help the girls.’ The girls rallied around her. They’re doing this for her right now.”

Here’s to what will hopefully be a speedy recovery for Cerio, and let’s hope we never see anything like that ever again…

Wait, there’s more: Auburn Fan Pours Beer On Head Thinking His Team Won Then Gets Arrested After Their Stunning Loss

You have got to see this shit:

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