New Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins’ Phone Background? You Guessed It – A Nudie Pic Of His Girlfriend

haskins phone

by Tommy Gimler

Maybe it wasn’t the league who “done messed up.”

We never ask for a human being, especially one who’s still a teenager or young adult in his or her early twenties to be perfect. I mean, part of life is making mistakes and then learning from them to eventually mold yourself into a better person.

However, regardless of what age you are, having a nudie pic of your girlfriend as the background on your cellular – especially when you know that hundreds of cameras are going to be on you while you wait to be drafted into the most powerful sports league in America - is fucking moronic. Kids, meet the number 15 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft: Dwayne Haskins.

While this might actually be a good thing for the uptick in number of followers of his boo’s Instagram page, it’s nothing short of an atrocious start for Haskins. Not Tyreek Hill audio tape atrocious, but still bad. Here’s what Ron Burgundy had to say about it:


Who knows? With Drew Lock still available, maybe the Skins will do the same thing they did seven years ago and take two quarterbacks in this year’s draft and then watch as neither of them are on the team six years later because they’re garbage…

Wait, there’s more: It’s That Time Of Year When We Get To Watch Mel Kiper Jr. Dick Up The NFL Draft Again

You have got to see this shit:

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