Here’s First Take’s Max Kellerman Coughing To Cover Up A Fart But You Can Still Hear The Fart


by Tommy Gimler

I said no cream cheese on my bagel, goddammit!

Odds are you missed this morning’s episode of “First Take” on the four-letter because the show is fucking garbage, but that means you missed co-host Max Kellerman loudly drop ass. He did his damnedest to cover it up by coughing, but yeah, that didn’t work:

The crazy part of that? You guessed it – what came out of Kellerman’s asshole was still more intelligent than 74 percent of what came out of Steven A. Smith’s mouth.

Also in the wide world of sports, let this be a lesson to all the youngsters out there learning how to play hockey. If you’re going to pick a fight with somebody on the ice, make sure you’re doing with a total pussy instead of Washington’s Alex Ovechkin. Otherwise, this is what will happen to you:

Yeah, somebody might have to relay that advice to Hurricanes rookie Andrei Svechnikov, as there’s a decent chance that he doesn’t remember that he done fucked up…

Wait, there’s more: Here’s Charles Barkley Once Again Yapping About Those ‘Big-Ass Women In San Antonio

You have got to see this shit:

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