Channing Frye Said His #1 Takeaway From Playing With LeBron Was The King’s ‘Smelly Breath’


by Tommy Gimler

And what did LeBron have to say when asked about Channing Frye? You guessed it – “Who the hell is that?”

Odds are you have no idea who in the hell Channing Frye is if you’re just a casual fan of the NBA despite the fact that he’s been in the Association since 2005, and that’s probably because he has been statistically a subpar player for the majority of his career. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ve probably heard of LeBron James because he’s already one of the top three guys to ever play the game despite having a few years left of his storied career.

Any crap, for your “Who Gives a Fucking Shit?” news story of the day, Frye is retiring at the end of the year. That alone isn’t newsworthy. However, what he had to say about the thing he’ll remember most about his time playing alongside “The King” in Cleveland sure as shit is.

That #1 memory? You guessed it – LeBron has “smelly breath.” From The Athletic:

According to his former teammate, Channing Frye, “The King” has bad breath. Frye revealed that fact in a recent interview when he was asked about the first thing he tells his kids about LeBron James.

“No. 1, he has smelly breath. Smelly breath. No. 2, he was a freak of nature. And then No. 3, Kyle Korver and I fixed his jumper for one year.”

If calling out LeBron for his supposed halitosis didn’t do the trick, the fact that a guy like Frye – who is shooting just a c-hair over 36 percent this year, mind you – had the stones to say that he was responsible for fixing a legend’s jumper should be enough to tell you that we’re dealing with a Grade A asshole here…

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You have got to see this shit:

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