Behold The Most Disturbing Tweet We Have Ever Seen

First Take - January 24, 2018

by Tommy Gimler

This is just utterly and preposterously ridiculous.

Quite frankly, we think it is just unfathomable that we have come across a tweet so atrocious and so preposterous that, dare we say, it is the most ludicrous and offensive tweet we have ever seen. It doesn’t feature a picture or video of some Russian runaway getting humped in a Bronx subway station or Ron Jeremy discussing dick pills. It doesn’t feature a 16-year-old idiot kid typing out rap lyrics and homophobic slurs that will be dug up seven or eight years later when he rises to national prominence. Hell, it doesn’t even come from the current POTUS.

No, the most offensive and disturbing tweet we have ever seen involves one of the two least knowledgeable men in the field of sports talk. That’s right, kids. We’re talking about Stephen A. Smith and the fact that the four-letter has the audacity to pay him in the $8-$10 million range moving forward. It’s just utterly and preposterously blasphemous.

Fuck. Me. Sideways. Utterly, of course…

Wait, there’s more: Channing Frye Said His #1 Takeaway From Playing With LeBron Was The King’s ‘Smelly Breath’

You have got to see this shit:

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