Auburn Fan Pours Beer On Head Thinking His Team Won Then Gets Arrested After Their Stunning Loss

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by Tommy Gimler

Son of a bitch.

The Auburn-Virginia Final Four game was pretty much the equivalent to dating a bipolar chick. Auburn was up 3 at half, down 7 with 8:54 left to play and down 10 with 5:03 on the clock. But just when Auburn fans thought it was going to be another night of their girl banging her head into the wall and threatening to down every pill of Oxycontin she stole out of her brother’s stash, their beloved team went on an epic 14-0 run to go up 4 with just 10 seconds left.

And with their team still up two with a c-hair over a second left to play, Auburn fans were so confident that their team was heading to the national championship game that they started dry humping each other at bars and running out to the streets to celebrate. And then - boom. Dick sandwich.

And then their was this guy in attendance who thought the Tigers were advancing to the title game so he, you know, dumped his $15 beer on himself, which was all fun and games until Auburn lost and he allegedly got arrested:

Obviously, that was as tough a pill as any to swallow for any Auburn fan, player or coach. And speaking of coaching, it doesn’t get any classier than Bruce Pearl, who had this to say after refs missed a double dribble call before blowing the whistle on his player with just 0.6 remaining: 

In all seriousness, a response like that after a loss like that is damn near enough to put Pearl in the top ten on the list of guys who can plow my sister. Class, class, class…

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You have got to see this shit:

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