This Is What Happens When You Collide With 245 Pounds Of Pure Beef At First Base

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 10.48.34 PM

by Tommy Gimler

Josh Reddick weighs 195 and is sporting the hair of a California pussy. Peter Alonso is 245 pounds of pure American beef. Who you got?

Odds are you missed the Astros-Mets spring training affair yesterday because you were busy doing anything else, but that means you missed one hell of a collision at first base. Unless you’re Stevie Wonder, odds are you’ll be able to see who came out on top of this clash:

Luckily, they had cameras and microphones at first base, and they were able to pick up what Alonso had to say to Reddick afterward:  


Look, it’s spring training, so odds are you won’t remember this collision come October. But hey, that’s better than Josh Reddick, who probably doesn’t remember it this morning…

Wait, there’s more: Looks Like Yankees Will Beat Goat Piss Out Of Every AL East Team This Year, Bro

You have got to see this shit:

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