Is This Joakim Noah Blowing Kisses At A Fan Or Just Some Homeless Dude In A Grizzlies Jersey?


by Tommy Gimler

Breaking news: Joakim Noah is still in the NBA.

Odds are you thought the former Bulls star was out of the Association, and to be honest, you wouldn’t be too far off since he’s taking up a roster spot on the Memphis Grizzlies these days. We did our due diligence, and it appears as though Memphis is still a professional team. So that means this has to be Joakim Noah stepping up to the free throw line and blowing kisses at some choice puss sitting under the basket, right?

Man, if that’s what this guy looks like outside of his jersey, imagine the disheveled disaster that’s hanging out underneath his shorts. I mean, there’s no way this guy has trimmed his pubes since Trump took office.

In a related story, move over Pau Gasol. You no longer look like the smelliest player in the league. That honor now belongs to Noah, who may or may not be living in a Ford Taurus parked illegally on Belle Street…

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You have got to see this shit:

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