Here’s Stephen A. Smith Once Again Proving He’s Absolutely Worthless

Stephen A Smith

by Tommy Gimler

This is becoming utterly and stupendously ridiculous.

Is there anybody else on the planet who is better at making you feel like, “Whoa, it could be worse. I mean, I could be this fucking guy,” than Stephen A. Smith? The answer is yes, Ray Liotta. But Smith is definitely sniffing his ass as they both cross the finish line.

It’s not like we need further proof that Stephen A. Smith is an absolute fucktard when it comes to talking sports, but what the hell, let’s take a look at this gem, shall we?

Remember that time when Stephen A. Smith talked intelligently for 90 seconds? If so, you’re a fucking liar. How can you get paid to talk baseball and not know the Angels told Mike Scioscia’s fat ass to take a hike and replaced him with fellow turd Brad Ausmus? Anybody who either watched or passed out to the MLB Network this offseason was aware of that, yet somehow one of this bumbling asshole’s top questions referred to the pressure on Angels skipper Mike Scioscia now that Mike Trout signed a contract bigger than Lexington Steele’s cock.

Pressure? Other than what’s pushing up against this belt, I’d say it’s pretty much nonexistent since he’s no longer at the helm of the Angels, brah.

Remember when the three most important things about sports reporting were in any order 1) knowing something about sports, 2) using words that actually exist in the English language, and 3) not having a face that looks like Amy Fisher rang your doorbell and blew a hole through it? Well, those days are obviously gone.

Why in the name of Larry Fuck would anybody either tune in to this clown’s radio show or watch his baseless rants unfold on television? The man has proven to be absolutely clueless in every one of the big three sports these days. I mean, hell, at this point, he might as well start commentating on UFC fights given that he knows dick about that sport as well.

Oh, wait. ESPN is already having him do that? Sounds about right…

Wait, there’s more: The Sports Gambling Podcast’s Colby Dant Stops By To Help You Bet Your Kid’s College Fund On The NCAA Tournament

You have got to see this shit:

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