Iowa State And Under Bettors Got Screwed So Hard Last Night They Might Not Be Able To Walk Today

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by Tommy Gimler

If you thought the Super Bowl crushed the average betting man’s soul, wait until you see this.

Odds are you missed Iowa State do battle with Oklahoma on the hardwood in Norman last night because you were busy doing anything else. I mean, we’re still weeks away from the calendar turning to March for Christ’s sake. But that means you missed one of the worst “you just got your giblets ripped off your body and jammed down your fucking throat” moments in sports betting history.

Iowa State was up four points with just a few seconds left on the clock, and the four is important here because 81 percent of the betting public took the Cyclones to win the game by at least three points. We’re sure there were multiple bettors watching inside Binion’s who were already calling the number on the clicker card and looking to pounce on some skank for just a fraction of what they just won. Of course, that’s when this happened:

Did he get it off in time? Fuck no:

dick sandwich

Even though the referees have been given the power to review such a shot at the end of the game for quite some time now, this officiating crew just said, “Fuck it,” and they made their way to the locker room without taking a peek at it. Final score? You guessed it – 75-74 in favor of Iowa State in the win column but a cover for the mere 19 percent of gamblers who took the the Sooners. 

The non-review wound up being big for those bettors who decided to jump on the over at 146.5, as the shot that shouldn’t have counted but did sent the total up to where it needed to be in order to cash in a winning ticket. But for those who put a nickel on the Cyclones and the under, well, if you know one of those guys, show him a nudie pic of your wife or something to cheer him up. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a worse beat than that the rest of the college basketball season…

Wait, there’s more: Greg Zuerlein Shanking That Final Field Goal In Super Bowl 53 Netted One Bettor $100K

You have got to see this shit:

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