Did You Go To A Pacers Game Last Week? Well, You Might Have Rabies

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by Tommy Gimler

Which would still be way better than going to a Lakers game and getting the AIDS virus.

With all due respect, if you dropped more than 12 bucks to watch the Los Angeles Clippers get curb stomped by the Indiana Pacers inside Bankers Life Fieldhouse this past Thursday, you’re a goddamn moron. For starters, neither team is going to win their conference much less the NBA Championship, so you were basically spending your hard-earned cash on fluffers. And second, the NBA fucking blows.

Well, it appears as though there’s a third reason why you shouldn’t be paying to watch the Pacers play the Clippers in person. That reason? You guessed it – there was a bat flying around the arena Thursday night, and health officials can’t be certain that it wasn’t flying around with rabies for your ass.

From USA Today:

The Indiana State Department of Health says anyone who may have touched the bat with bare skin when it flew around at the Pacers game Thursday in Indianapolis is urged to contact the department or a health care provider about receiving rabies vaccinations. Health officials say a person is considered potentially exposed to rabies only if direct contact occurs between a bat and the person’s bare skin. So far there have been no reports of anyone having direct contact with the bat.

I don’t know, man. It’s February in the Midwest, and you know people are bored. There were 15,756 idiots on hand, and if we combine simple math with probabilities, we’re sure at least three people in attendance tried to have sex with this thing. If you know one of them, you have shitty taste in friends, but do him a solid and tell him know to go see a doctor or two…                                                         

Wait, there’s more: Is Tom Thibodeau Holding In A Massive Poop Here Or Is He Just A Psycho?

You have got to see this shit:

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