An Eagle Going After An Osprey With A Fish Delayed A College Baseball Game Yesterday

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by Tommy Gimler

Holy priceless collection of fish-eating fucks, Batman!

Odds are you missed yesterday’s college baseball game between Jacksonville State University and Jacksonville University because you were busy doing something more productive with your life, like jamming a screwdriver up your peehole, for example. But that means you missed what has to be one of the craziest game delays in the history of the game.

The cause for that delay? You guessed it – an osprey with a fish was bullied in midair by a bald eagle, a chump move that resulted in the dropping of the fish onto the baseball diamond below.

The craziest part of the ordeal might be that Jacksonville, Alabama actually has an institution of higher learning within its city limits. Given a 4 out of 100 by Neighborhood Scout in which 100 means you’re the safest city in America and 1 means you probably just got raped and shot in the face at the same time, this town has a 4. It’s the kind of place where you’re more likely to learn the Miranda rights before the nation’s capital.

Famous Jacksonville State University alumni? You guessed it – nobody…

Wait, there’s more: Will Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Spend Any Time In Jail For A Massage Parlor Knob Job? You Can Actually Bet On It

You have got to see this shit:

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