Stephen A. Smith’s List Of The Top 5 Quarterbacks Left In The Postseason Is Proof Yet Again That He’s Utterly Ridiculous

stephen a smith chip kelly racist

by Tommy Gimler

Another week, another clip proving Stephen A. Smith is a giant ass clown.

There are eight starting quarterbacks left in the NFL postseason, so even my grandma couldn’t dick up a list of the top five remaining, and she’s been dead for damn near 15 years. Then again, this is Stephen A. Smith we’re talking about, so without further adieu, here he is:

Forget that Patrick Mahomes threw for more yards and touchdowns than Luck this season. How about that fact that Drew Brees accounted for 32 touchdowns through the air while only chucking five interceptions, and he was left off the list? Yeah, you don’t want that guy on your list instead of a – let’s see here, oh, Dak Fucking Prescott.

Stephen A.’s excuse this time for being a worthless box of shit? You guessed it – he simply forgot about Brees. Forgot about him? There are only eight goddamn quarterbacks left, you ignorant fuck. How could you forget about any of them much less a guy like Brees?

I mean, at this point, who’s out there that’s still throwing money at the four-letter and saying this is the guy we want our product associated with? Broken jimmy hats? Beer that’s somehow made from Chris Berman’s dick cheese? The Starz Network?

Look, part of me feels like I’m kicking a dead horse in his massive schlong every time I run a story that features a clip of this guy saying something that is utterly ridiculous, but the other part of me feels like I would be doing both of my readers a disservice if I didn’t reaffirm on damn near a weekly basis that this clown is still the most ignorant man in the sports broadcasting world. Expect another clip soon, my friends…

Wait, there’s more: Great News For Degenerates: The First 2019 MLB Win Totals Are Out

You have got to see this shit:

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