How About These Kids Playing Hockey On The Highway While Waiting For A Yuge Pileup To Clear?

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by Tommy Gimler

Nothing gets between Canadians and their hockey. Nothing.

Every now and then I miss living in Wisconsin. This week is not one of them. I mean, with a winter storm warning in effect right now and a high temperature of -12 degrees Fahrenheit expected on Wednesday, paying three grand in rent every month on the West Coast has never looked better.

When I asked several friends and family members back home what they planned on doing this week, the majority of them replied with something along the lines of “Not a damn thing.” They’ll all be sitting inside and watching Mark Baden tell them that their cocks won’t be back to normal length until Friday.

Well, that’s not how Canadians do it. It doesn’t matter if there’s an outside temp of -12, a wind chill of -25 or…wait for it…a massive traffic wreck on a highway because of some nasty winter weather. They’re getting their fucking hockey in.

In a related story, our hockey insider Tom Greene said the NHL All-Star jerseys were “badass” this year. That will conclude our coverage of the NHL All-Star Game…

Wait, there’s more: Dizzy Bat + Dribbling A Basketball = Comedy Gold

You have got to see this shit:

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