Hell Of A Start To The Week For This Hockey Coach Who Slipped On The Ice And Spilled His Coffee

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by Tommy Gimler

Here’s one guy who might feel like a bigger shitdick than Cody Parkey on this glorious Monday morning.

According to its website, the Brewster Ice Arena in Brewster, New York has one hell of a food and beverage selection at Player’s Sports Bar & Restaurant located inside the venue. I mean, from the steakhouse salad to the buffalo chicken dip to 15 draft lines that feature “a rotating selection of craft, import, and seasonal brews,” it’s obvious that this joint has the shit that will quench any hockey fan’s thirst or satisfy their hunger.

They also serve coffee, and that’s a key part of this story. You see, kids, a hockey coach thought it would be a good idea to step onto the ice while holding his cup of joe this morning. It was not:

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Case of the Mondays. : @dlevs12

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It’s the same reason why I’d yell at my cousins when they would eat their Easter dinner on my grandfather’s pool table, and that’s because I wanted to play a legit game of skill without having to bank the six ball off a chunk of ham resting near the corner pocket. Same here, as now the players will have to spend their limited time on the ice today skating through a pool of that shit or having to wait while the cleaning crew takes care of it.

And if you’re this poor fucker who crashed face first on the ice, don’t even stick around to coach the morning skate. This is obviously not going to be your day, so you might as well get back in your car, drive straight home, get into bed and order up a 24-hour package of hot MILF sluts on the Hustler Channel or whatever Spectrum is offering up these days. I wouldn’t know because I cut the cord.

Anyway, go get ‘em tomorrow, buddy…

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You have got to see this shit:

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