Bob Menery’s Take On The Blown PI Call In The Saints-Rams Game Is Pretty Spot On

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by Tommy Gimler

“I don’t know if the ref was smoking crack before this game or it’s fucking Helen Keller out there.”

Comedian Bob Menery rarely misses with his play-by-play dubbed over the sports world’s biggest moments, and he was once again spot on with his take on the blown pass interference call in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true Menery moment without somebody being named the “Shitbag Tittyfuck of the Week.” This week’s honoree? You guessed it – the ref with number 102 on his back.  

Meanwhile, some “Shitbag Tittyfuck of the Week” Saints fans have actually filed a lawsuit naming Roger Goodell and the NFL as defendants because that missed PI call caused them “past, present and future mental anguish and emotional trauma, loss of enjoyment of life and distrust of the game which has become the national pastime.”

No word on how long it will take the courts to officially determine what we already know these people are: fucking losers…

Wait, there’s more: Saints Fan’s Video Shows Not One But TWO Refs Missed That Pass Interference Call

You have got to see this shit:

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