Bill Vinovich Is Also A College Basketball Ref And Fans Are Still All Over Him For The NFC Championship Game

bill vinovich

by Tommy Gimler

Geez, it’s only a game, Focker.

From lawsuits that still somehow have life to bars in The Big Easy promising to only show Super Bowl 44 this Sunday, hundreds of thousands of people across this country continue to prove to us on a daily basis that their lives are fucking pathetic. Instead of focusing on about 17 million more important issues, these shitdicks continue to whine and pout about Bill Vinovich’s crew’s inability to throw a flag in the final two minutes of regulation of a football game nine days ago. It’s gross.

And speaking of Bill Vinovich, odds are you missed the Saint Mary’s Gaels duking it out with the BYU Cougars on the hardwood last week because it isn’t March yet, but let’s see how he’s doing:

In case you’re wondering, the odds of Vinovich officiating a Tulane hoops game fall somewhere between slim and no fucking chance, as Vinovich is a Mountain West official and Tulane is at the bottom of the AAC. And even if Vinovich would have the urge and get selected to ref a tournament game, Tulane wouldn’t be making the trip because they’re pig shit awful…

Wait, there’s more: How About These Kids Playing Hockey On The Highway While Waiting For A Yuge Pileup To Clear?

You have got to see this shit:

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