Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus: The Packers Finally Fired Mike McCarthy & Here Are The Best Tweets About It


by Tommy Gimler

The Green Bay Packers have finally told Mike McCarthy to get the fuck out.

It only took four years of apathy and dog shit play-calling that has wasted the right arm of a superior talent at the quarterback position that followed blowing a 12-point lead with a c-hair over two minutes left to go in the NFC Championship Game in which he told reporters afterward that he didn’t let Rodgers pass down the stretch because he had set a target of “20 second-half rushing attempts.” I mean, that moment alone should have told Packers brass that the game of football at the professional level was simply too much for McCarthy to handle, but it instead took the worst regular season home loss in Green Bay Packers history almost four years later to seal his fate.

Of course, quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been nothing short of a diva bitch this year, and whether or not he intentionally took sacks instead of throwing downfield to Davante Adams in single coverage or hitting a wide-open Jimmy Graham cutting across the middle (on top of bouncing balls into the ground to receivers less than five yards away and overthrowing receivers in the end zone) in an effort to get rid of McCarthy is another story.

As for now, it’s a glorious time for Packers fans, as the underachieving buffoon head coach is gone, and we’re celebrating by giving you the ten best tweets we saw in regards to Fat Mike getting shitcanned. Enjoy…

In regards to that last one, becoming a Lions fan should do the trick…

Wait, there’s more: Ohio State Fan Dressed In Hot Dog Suit Hits On Announcer Then Hits Half-Court Shot To Win Free Hot Dogs For A Year

You have got to see this shit:

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