The Packers Are A G***amn Train Wreck And This Bears Fan Is LOVING It

brett favre cameo

by The Dug

The Green Bay Packers are a bigger train wreck than Post Malone’s face.

If you’re too busy being consumed with The Beave’s firing the terrible regular season record, 4th quarter meltdowns and checkdowns, atrocious kicking, another coach’s Twitter outburst and immediate firing, a week one injury to QB1, Aaron Rodgers’ continuing public family feud, a blown offer for Khalil Mack, incorrectly celebrating 100 years of football during the 99th season, and the general artery-clogging Seasonal Affective Disorder that is definitely magnified this year by the Green Bay Packers’ dumpster fire, you might have missed Brett Favre’s salute to Nazis.

What’s that?

A fanbase made up of “owners” who, in part, had to be turned down by the actual team owners when they invited Donald J. Trump to the shareholder meeting to discuss kneeling during the National Anthem, recruited the ol’ wife-cheatin’ pill poppin’ booze drinkin’ gun slingin’ dick pic sendin’ wet t-shirt contest judgin’ greatest quarterback they will ever have to say some nice things about the Alt Right? Yes, that happened.

The same fans who claim that (by honoring the troops while protesting) taking a knee to bring light to the American endemic of police brutality against African Americans is disrespectful to the troops and needlessly brings politics into football in the same state that is getting sued by a rising NBA star for police brutality paid Brett Favre a whopping $500 to make a short video with shoutouts to ongoing anti-Israeli efforts, an Alt Right group, and the Six-Day War using coded anti Semitic remarks. Awesome.

Look, these Nazis might not be Packers fans, but who ever gave a fuck about Brett Favre outside of Wisconsin? People in Mississippi? Oh, wait.

The Packers’ all-time leading interception-throwing Hall of Famer made another oopsie and it’s so on-brand for John Madden’s favorite player, it’s fucking laughable. I guess the Copper Fit/Advil/Wrangler/Cialis/Prosthetic Dog Testicle/Mail Order Catheter endorsement money ain’t enough for old #4. My man, Mr. Brett “fuck it” Favre is out here on a platform featuring actual heavyweights Andy Milonakis, The Fat Jewish, and Chumlee from Pawn Stars saying literally anything for a few Benjamins. 2018 rules.

Full disclosure -I am a Bears fan who loves nothing more than to see the other half of the oldest rivalry in the NFL eat shit in as many dramatic on-field and off-field fashions as humanely possible at every waking moment. Sure, there’s been so many L’s in the recent past: a lost Super Bowl, multiple lost NFC Championship games, getting owned over and over by the Seahawks, ad infinitum, but all this at once – while my team is in first place with a future brighter than their rivals – is just so much that I can barely handle it.

Favre was made aware of the trolling and donated the money blah blah whatever. I’d write more but my GoFundMe is $40 away from me hiring him to say “Hey, remember the NFC Wild Card game against the 8-8 Vikings when I threw 4 picks? Merry Christmas and lock her up!”

Wait, there’s more: Mike Gundy Sends Radio Host $250 Check To Pay For Losing Bet On Oklahoma State

You have got to see this shit:

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