Sometimes You Bet $569K On The Seahawks To Beat A 3-10 Team And You Take It Up The Tailpipe When They Lose In OT

seahawks 49ers

by Tommy Gimler

Dick. Fucking. Sandwich.

Maybe you were down to just 7,800 shares in your betting league and saw a quick chance to get back over your starting mark of 10,000. Or maybe you saw what even a kid who thinks his asshole is a candy store saw, and that of course was that an 8-5 team was squaring off against a pig shit awful 3-10 squad. Either way, a -200 money line for the Seahawks to simply beat the 49ers Sunday afternoon was pretty fucking tasty.

In fact, even at -230 and -250, that line was tasty enough for one bettor to walk into the MGM and lay a total of $569,000 on the Birds just to win. From the four-letter:

A bettor at MGM placed two money-line bets totaling $569,000 on the Seattle Seahawks to beat the San Francisco 49ers. According to MGM sportsbook supervisor Scott Shelton, the first bet was for $235,000 at -230 odds. The book bumped up the price to -250 and then took another $334,000 on the Seahawks from the bettor.

And according to Vegas Insider, that sick fuck wasn’t alone. 66 percent of bettors threw coin on Seattle to cover the four-point spread the thugs in Sin City had laid on the game, and 64 percent of bettors playing the money line jumped on Seattle just to win. Naturally, Sebastian Janikowski missed an extra point in the first quarter and immediately followed that up with this limp dick effort on the ensuing kickoff:

Yeah, that didn’t help the cause, and neither did the 14 accepted penalties the zebras smacked Seattle with, including a yuge holding penalty that negated a Seattle first down in overtime. The 49ers would go on to “win” the game on a Robbie Gould field goal, and odds are that dude who lost $569,000 either jumped off the 49th floor of the Cosmopolitan later than night or was arrested the next morning for some kind of domestic dispute.

The bottom line? You guessed it – when the public likes a team (i.e. the Patriots on Sunday – 70 percent on the spread and 61 percent on the money line), you shouldn’t…

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You have got to see this shit:  

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