Mike Gundy Sends Radio Host $250 Check To Pay For Losing Bet On Oklahoma State

mike gundy check

by Tommy Gimler

He’s a man! He’s 40!

Or as our good friend Jiggsy Cat pointed out yesterday, he’s more like 51 years old now. Still, this is one hell of a story.

If you spent the better part of the 2018 college football season betting on the Oklahoma State Cowboys, well, odds are you found out the hard way that the experience was pretty much the gambling equivalent to dating a bipolar chick. One week it was an upset win over Texas. The next? Boom. 2014 Amanda Bynes in the form of a loss at Baylor. There was also the upset win over West Virginia one week. The next? Boom. Rosanne Barr in the form of an absolute pooping of the bed against a pig shit awful TCU team.

WWLS radio jock Rob Benton was one of those bettors who put a few bucks on the Cowboys and then suffered through a 6-6 season. The six in the win column is an important number here because Benton threw 250 clams on the Cowboys to win at least eight games, and he then jumped on air to bitch about Gundy and his players not coming through for him.

Well son of a tittyfuck, Gundy caught wind of Benton’s loss and moved further up the legend chart by sending Benton a $250 check to pay for his loss along with a note that read:

I have many H.S. buddies who consume way too much alcohol, which leads to listening to talk radio. The rumor is you bet on our team and lost your money. We came up short so I thought the manly [51] thing to do is reimburse a guy for believing in our TEAM. Thanks for your loyal support!

Wow. I feel like the appropriate thing to do here is send Gundy a picture of my wife breastfeeding to applaud his actions, but I don’t want to get “fucking divorced.” So instead, we’re just going to throw him in the top ten on the list of guys who can plow my sister. Here’s what that list looks like as we roll through the final month of 2018. Enjoy…

December 2018 Top Ten List of Guys Who Can Plow My Sister

1. Christian Yelich

2. Patrick Mahomes

3. Mike Trout

4. Todd Gurley

5. LeBron James

6. Mike Gundy and his “Arkansas Waterfall”

7. Khalil Mack

8. Paul Molitor (pity fuck)

9. Justin Tucker

10. Pelé

NOTE: Aaron Rodgers has fallen out of the top ten for being an absolute bitch…

Wait, there’s more: Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus: The Packers Finally Fired Mike McCarthy & Here Are The Best Tweets About It

You have got to see this shit:

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