This UFC Guy Says He Eats His Wife’s Ass Before Every Fight

derrick lewis eating wife's ass

by Tommy Gimler

Look, we all get our daily intake of protein from different sources, but this is pretty outrageous.

I’m not really much of a UFC guy, as two almost-naked men rolling around on the canvas with each other just doesn’t get my juices flowing. However, if there’s ever a UFC guy who is standing on the Knicks hardwood inside Madison Square Garden taking questions on what he eats before every MMA fight, and that dude says he chows on his wife’s ass, well, you best bet your sweet poop chute that we’re going to cover it here at The DUD.

Pasta and ravioli were right there behind tossing his wife’s salad, so if we were betting guys, which we are, we’d throw a nickel down on his wife being Italian.

Lewis wound up getting his ass kicked in convincing fashion by Daniel Cormier Saturday night, so maybe it’s time for him to take his tongue out of his wife’s balloon knot and use that new free time to either train harder, watch some film or trade in those dingleberries for blueberries. Antioxidants, bitch…

Wait, there’s more: This Guy Somehow Owns The Raiders And Is Plowing That Girl

You have got to see this shit:  

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