That ‘Authentic’ Mexican Bar ESPN Kept Cutting To During MNF? Yeah, Turns Out It Was A Buffalo Wild Wings

mexico bww

by Tommy Gimler

Parmesan garlic boneless wings and a Dr. Pepper fountain drink are native to Mexico?

Monday night’s Chiefs-Rams game was must-see TV for football fans across the globe. The only part of the broadcast that didn’t make any sense outside of Jason Witten’s “analysis” was the barrage of cutaways to what Joe Tessitore kept calling the Alboa Bar in Mexico City. I mean, who gives a fuck? Shakira fucked up your stadium’s turf, so now you have to watch it at your local watering hole instead? There are greater tragedies.

For example, something like trying to trigger the emotions of millions of people watching the game across North America by consistently showing shots of Rams fans who had to settle for watching the game in an authentic Mexico City bar but really just having your cameras go to a Buffalo Wild Wings instead is far worse.

Hahaha. Pathetic.

It’s just another reminder that the four-letter is about as trustworthy as our Indian intern Rakesh’s Uncle Kunal, and that guy once got caught fucking a goat at a family reunion…

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You have got to see this shit:

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