Massive NFL Bust JaMarcus Russell Was Given Blank Tapes By The Raiders To Prove He Wasn’t Watching Game Films

Baltimore Ravens v Oakland Raiders

by Tommy Gimler

And what did Russell see on those blank tapes? You guessed it – opposing teams’ blitz packages.

There were three things that were painfully obvious early on during last Thursday night’s embarrassing 34-3 ass pounding the Oakland Raiders received courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers. One, that 49ers running back’s arm is fucked. Two, the Raiders weren’t going to win the game. And three, they weren’t trying very hard to win that game.

And speaking of not trying very hard, that notion should sound quite familiar to Raiders nation, as it was just over 11 years ago that they got their first taste of what not trying very hard looks like when yuge NFL bust JaMarcus Russell donned the silver and black, making Quincy Carter look like a Hall of Fame talent in the process.

It turns out that Russell was one lazy sack of fuck during his few short years in the NFL, and I have a hard time believing we’ll find a better story than this one from former Giants offensive lineman David Diehl that will back up that statement. From The Mercury News:

At some point, Diehl said, Raiders coaches suspected Russell was not studying the game tapes they were sending home with him. So one day the coaches sent Russell home with blank cassettes. The next day, Diehl said, the coaches asked Russell what he had studied on the tapes. Replied Russell: “Blitz packages.”

A former Raiders front office employee backed up Diehl’s story, which leads us to this point: Russell still has way more money than I do…

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You have got to see this shit:

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  1. Why didn’t that first guy kill and eat the pig?

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