Just A Friendly Reminder To Never Watch The Jets And Then Get Behind The Wheel Of A Car

greyshock jets dui

by Tommy Gimler

Ouch. Tough week for 57-year-old football fans.

63 percent of bettors who wagered on Sunday’s Bills-Jets game at MetLife Stadium in the swamp thought that New York winning by at least seven points was a lock. Whether or not 57-year-old Jets fan Christopher Greyshock had any scratch in the game at that point is unknown, but when you add up the fines and lawyer fees he’ll incur in the coming weeks thanks to partaking in the devil’s lettuce and the sauce before rear-ending a car stopped in traffic, well, now he sure as shit does.

From the North Jersey Record:

A West Milford man took the New York Jets’ blowout loss on Sunday particularly hard, allegedly trying to dull the pain with a joint, a baggie of marijuana with the requisite rolling papers and three-quarters of a bottle of bourbon, claiming he did it all because “the Jets suck,” police said.

On Sunday, as he was taking the field sobriety test after he allegedly rear-ended a car on a state highway, Christopher Greyshock, 57, told police that his inebriation was all due to the Jets’ misfortune, Capt. Larry Martin said. Such was Greyshock’s alleged intoxication that police said they could smell it on his breath. The breath alcohol test corroborated officers’ suspicions: Greyshock blew a 0.13 percent for blood alcohol concentration.

Wait, only a 0.13 BAC? This clown isn’t that big of a Jets homer, as anybody who truly bleeds Jets football would have been blown nothing under three times the legal limit. I mean, I’m sure if you looked hard enough, you’d fined at least a half-dozen Jets fans who were so bummed about New York’s 31-point blowout loss at home to the Bills that they drank themselves into either a coma or a coffin…

Wait, there’s more: This 57-Year-Old Idiot Threw A Hammer At A Texas A&M Student Over A Tailgating Dispute

You have got to see this shit:

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