Week 6 NFL Overreactions With Murf


by Murf

“I knew the Steelers would crush the Falcons at home.” Sure you did, Ace.

This week’s theme: Playing down to your competition. Ah, but don’t ever forget, the NFL is a reactionary, bounce-back league.

Tennessee plays down, and up, to their competition. If you track the last few years of Tennessee Titans football, you’ll find a very interesting trend. They play down to inferior competition, and either lose or barely win those games. Conversely, they rise up when playing better teams. Tennessee will once again prove the formula and beat Baltimore. Titans +3 vs The Ravens.

The Browns beat the Ravens, so that means they’re a legit AFC North contender, right? Nope. The Ravens had the chance to go up 10-0 and fumbled on the 5. Then, Joe Flacco turned into Joe Flacco and they couldn’t get by the 40. I love me some Baker, but he’s not there yet. Why isn’t this line Chargers -2.5 or 3? Chargers pk at The Browns.

Seattle hung tough with the Rams…wow, very impressive. Well, you know what comes after a high…a low…an embarrassing one. The Raiders +3 vs Seattle.

I hate this pick. And the cherry on top? The Bears, coming off a bye, at Miami. Sign me up. Bears -3 at The Dolphins

Oh, and one more overreaction. If we don’t get at least 5 likes on this column, I quit!!


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You have got to see this shit:

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