Week 5 NFL Overreactions With Murf


by Murf

First off, we need to clear the air. My phone was blowing up all day yesterday with DUD subscribers texting awful things at me like, “Murf, your picks suck!” “Murf, you couldn’t pick a game to save your life.” “Murf, I just saw your brother blowing a dude in the alley behind the bar.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the whole point of this column is to teach you NOT to overreact. So, if you would have simply went the opposite way of the overreactions, you would’ve gone 2-1. I accept your apologies.

In all seriousness, Detroit and Cleveland were half-point losers, so we weren’t far off. The Bears game, on the other hand…where is the Super Bowl being played this year? Kayak me there!

Ok, let’s get to some overreactions.

NE -10 vs. Indy. The Pats righted the ship. The Colts young defense finally caught up to them. Thursday night games are notoriously bad for the visiting team. Tommy owns the Colts.

Cincinnati – 5.5 vs. Miami. The Bengals are legit…man, that was hard to say. They have a really fun offense and a decent defense. The Dolphins spent all week preparing for Tommy and then proceeded to get bitch-slapped. You don’t bounce back from that.

Rams -7 at Seattle. Earl Thomas flipping off the Seahawks organization was one of my top 5 moments of the season so far. Uncle Pete tried to spin it in the postgame presser, but we weren’t buying it. The Rams have suffered many an ass-kicking in Seattle over the years…time for payback.

Oakland +6 at The Chargers. This is a simple history lesson. If the Chargers are favored, they DO NOT COVER. The Raiders are a confusing team to watch, but they do play with heart. Let’s not forget that the Chargers soccer stadium will be 70-30 Raiders fans.

Blessings to all and much love,

Wait, there’s more: The Bills Mafia Was Alive And Well In Green Bay On Sunday

You have got to see this shit:

moose nut kiss

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