The Bulls Got Quite The Welcome From A Shirtless Bum As They Arrived At Their Philly Hotel

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by Tommy Gimler

“You ain’t no Michael Jordan.”

Yeah, no shit.

The Chicago Bulls flew to Philadelphia this morning just so they can get curb stomped by the 76ers later tonight. When they arrived at the team hotel, they were greeted by a few fans seeking autographs as well as a shirtless hobo who looks like he might have been the bass player for White Lion when they did their county fairs tour in ’98. There’s also a solid chance that he’s still not finished celebrating the Eagles’ Super Bowl win eight months ago.

Whoa. For a second there, I thought I had the wrong schedule and the Bulls were arriving in San Francisco to play the Warriors on the other side of the Bay, but then I realized that there was no way they were in San Fran since there was only one bum on the sidewalk and he wasn’t using it as a toilet.

Any crap, the thugs in Vegas have the Bulls as a 30-win team this year, so maybe this guy really hit it on the head by calling them a collection of cocksuckers and motherfuckers. Also, somebody needs to get that guy a shirt and a ticket behind the Bulls bench for tonight’s game. Then I might watch…

Wait, there’s more: Who’s A Bigger Douchebag, Vontaze Burfict Or Manny Machado?

You have got to see this shit:  

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