Mason Crosby Got The Bob Menery Treatment And The Resulting Video Is Magical

mason crosby blows

by Tommy Gimler

“I love Aaron, but boy oh boy, get your hand off that shoulder. It’s the black cat.”

You didn’t need to wait for hysterical Masshole Bob Menery to tell you that Packers kicker Mason Crosby was the NFL’s “Shitbag Tittyfuck of the Week” after missing four field goals and an extra point in Sunday’s 31-23 loss to the Lions. I mean, that was obvious.

But in case you forgot just how atrocious Crosby was in Detroit, Menery did you a solid and created this gem:

” I mean, God, he missed from fucking like 13 yards. You’re going to trust him to hit 56?” Absolutely genius effort from Menery right there.

And speaking of genius efforts, the world’s greatest late-night talk show host might be onto something here. I mean, whether it’s Crosby, Chris Boswell, the shitdick the Vikings trotted out there for a few weeks, Zane Gonzalez, Caleb Joseph or pretty much anybody kicking for the Browns these days, the majority of NFL kickers are so pig shit awful that maybe it’s time to put a jersey on James Corden and let him have a go at it.

We hear you, Jimbo. Here’s us doing our part:

Wait, there’s more: Fox Philly Sports Guy Says Eagles Players Shouldn’t Hump Until They Win Another Game

You have got to see this shit:

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