Kudos To This Cubs Fan Who Actually Wrote An Apology Note After The Brewers Finished Ahead Of The Cubs


by Tommy Gimler

Now if we can just get Cole Hamels to do the same thing, we might actually think of him as something other than a massive turd.

Exactly one month ago, Cubs pitcher Cole Hamels was a giant jackass when something to the effect of “there is no rivalry between the Brewers and Cubs because Cubs fans outnumber Brewers fans when games are played in Milwaukee” came flying out of his pie hole. Of course, nothing came out of the fucktard’s mouth in terms of an apology when a swarm of Brewers fans made their way to Wrigley Field to watch the Brew Crew take care of business in Game 163. Hamels (pictured above wearing a Brewers hat because he’s a hypocritical douche) was also silent in terms of the rivalry when his team fell to visiting Rockies Tuesday night, knocking them out of the postseason.

You see, kids. One of the biggest parts about a rivalry between two teams come postseason time is that one team makes it as just as far as the other one. Well, the Brewers have home-field advantage throughout the National League playoffs while Hamels is looking at timeshares in Cape Coral.

Of course, any Brewers fan talking shit about the Cubs failing to make it out of the Wild Card game this year would have easily been overmatched with a simple, “Oh yeah, fat fuck? How many World Series titles has your beloved team claimed in the last two years?” if Hamels wouldn’t have opened his damn yapper, but he did, and now it’s OK for Milwaukee’s finest to poke fun at him and his current employer.

Pretty much the exact opposite of Hamels is Nathan Marzion. Odds are you’ll best recognize him from the line, “Who in the hell is Nathan Marzion?” Well, it turns out Marzion is a Cubs fan who was also weighing in high on the confidence scale this year, going as far as tweeting that he would send out an apology letter to everybody who liked this tweet:

Oops, Suzie.

But kudos to Marzion for actually backing up his shit-tweeting by sending out that apology letter this week. One of the recipients of said letter? You guessed it – the Brewers:

Who knows? Maybe Hamels will take a page out Marzion’s book and offer up some kind of retort that acknowledges the fact that given the amount of talent on both rosters and close proximity of the two cities, the Brewers and Cubs really do have a rivalry, one that was won by the Brewers this year…

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You have got to see this shit:

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