Week 4 NFL Overreactions With Murf

baker mayfield browns

by Murf

Well, you woke up a bit hungover, strangely with half a chub…had your morning coffee…and most likely had a ridiculously unfair argument with your wife or your dog. Don’t lie. Thanks, football.

But wait, it’s a new week! We figured some things out, right? Now, I bet you’ve already jumped onto your preferred gambling site and checked out the spreads for the week?  “No shit Murf, like you haven’t?”  

Of course, I did!  And I’m ready to overreact, jagoffs!

Let’s start with the freshest item on my aging brain. Steelers -3 at home vs. the Ravens. They’re back! The offense was firing on all cylinders (at least for a half). They own the Ravens as of late…especially at home. Let’s not forget injuries. For the Ravens of Baltimore, OT Ronnie Stanley, LB Terrell Suggs, Brandon Carr all suffered legit wounds. Conversely, the Steelers will be getting back OG David DeCastro, CB Justin Gilbert and S Morgan Burnett. This will be Steelers -5 by Sunday.

Tampa +3 at Chicago. The Bears defense is a thing of beauty, and Fitzmagic showed glimpses of why he’s shopping for a new condo every year, but we all saw the regression from Mitch. Tampa can score and Bears can’t. This should actually be Khalil Mack -3.

Detroit +3 at Dallas. Did they beat the Pats? Easily? I’m really liking my “Jason Garrett to be the first coach fired” bet (+1200).

Cleveland +2.5 at Oakland.  When you give Baker Mayfield 10 days to prep for a…I’ll stop.  But seriously, 17 for 23 for 200 yards in a little over a half. And it was legit. Oakland is desperate for a win, I know…but I get paid to overreact, so go fuck your mother.


Wait, there’s more: You Might Want To Stay Away From Eating The Pizza At Comerica Park

You have got to see this shit:

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