The Sports Gambling Podcast’s Sean Green Is Here To Win You Mad Cash With These NFC East Picks

2018 eagles

by SGP’s Sean Green

Remember last year when the Eagles went 13-3 in the regular season on their way to winning Super Bowl 52? I certainly do.

The Eagles were also the only team to hit the over on their win total in the division which made my predictions an amazing 4-0. So here I am to break down the 2018 NFC East Win totals with some Nick ‘Big Dick’ Foles like confidence.

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Washington Redskins – 7 Wins (Over -130, Under +110)

jay gruden

In a desperate attempt to get a competent running game, the Washington Redskins have signed Adrian Peterson. Adrian Peterson is like the smoking hot chick who had an amazing prime but is now in her early 50s, on her third divorce and getting day drunk while trying to convince some dude in his 20s that cougars are cool. Jay Gruden’s career record is 28-35-1 and that makes perfect sense. Bring in Alex Smith and you’ve got the ideal mediocre combo.

Under +110

New York Giants – 7 Wins (Over -145, Under +125)

odell beckham justin bieber boat

Odell Beckham Junior hasn’t won a game since he took the Giants on the now infamous boat trip. The giant contract he just received means there will plenty of shirtless cruises in his near future. The Giants have some talented skill players, but with the current state of their OL and Eli Manning still at QB, turnovers could be a huge problem. To put things in perspective, last year Eli Manning was benched for Geno Smith. Let that sink in and tell me you’re not convinced to pound the under harder than Odell pounds the kicking net when they get some alone time.

Under +125

Dallas Cowboys – 8 Wins (Over -140, Under +120)

jerry jones

On our podcast we’ve nicknamed Jason Garrett the shine box because his ability to shine shoes must be the only reason he’s still retained as Cowboys head coach. The one strength of the Cowboys was their offensive line, and now injuries have really hit that group hard. If you’ve watched football in the past twenty-five years you’ll notice catching the football is important to winning games and the Cowboys have lost 132 receptions between Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. The boxes Zeke will be facing are going to be so loaded that you may confuse them with the Eagles fan who ate dog shit after the Super Bowl victory.

Under +120

Philadelphia Eagles – 10 Wins (Over -130, Under +110)

light pole orgy eagles fans

The 2018 Eagles arguably have a more talented roster than 2017, even with Foles likely starting a few games early. This team still has dominant lineman on both sides of the ball that can make up for any weaknesses at other positions. Plus, throw in a coach who outdueled Bill Belichick in the Super Bowl and you’ve got a formula for an eleven-win team at least. Some teams may deal with a Super Bowl hangover, but if there is one group of guys equipped with handling their alcohol, it’s Philadelphians.

Over -130

Sean Green is a stand up comedian, co-host of ‘The Sports Gambling Podcast’ and host of ‘Sean’s Sports Show’. Oh, and fuck Dallas…

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