Kudos To The Vikings Long Snapper Who Lost Part Of His Finger But Returned To The Field To Finish The Game

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings

by Tommy Gimler

Here’s yet another guy on this planet with a bigger set of stones than yours truly.

Before today, odds are you would have best recognized the name Kevin McDermott from the line, “Who in the hell is Kevin McDermott?” Well, it turns out the dude is the long snapper for the suddenly shitty Minnesota Vikings, and let’s just say what he did during last night’s 38-31 loss to the Rams is pretty much the exact opposite of what we have come to expect from an athlete these days.

You see, kids, during a Vikings field goal attempt in the second quarter, McDermott’s pinky finger became either lodged in a Rams player’s face mask or jammed between a Rams player and an offensive lineman’s helmet. Either way, the result of the play was…wait for it…part of McDermott’s pinky finger falling off. Or in the words of our lovable Indian intern Rakesh, sick shit, bro.

Miraculously, instead of running to the sideline and screaming for a tampon to soak up the blood like the majority of today’s pussy athletes likely would have done, McDermott instead got what was left of the little guy stitched up and returned to the field later that quarter.

Let’s be honest. Hearing stories about athletes who actually still want to take the playing field regardless of whether or not they’re making only $14 million or running out there will all of their fingers still in tact is a refreshing piece of news. Hell, it’s so impressive that it took McDermott from unranked to #11 on the list of guys who can plow my sister.

Unfortunately for him though, he’ll never be able to the crack the top ten because he plays for the Vikings…

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You have got to see this shit:

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