Free Bud Lights For Cleveland Browns Fans If Their Team Can Find A Way To Win This Year

free bud light browns

by Tommy Gimler

Maybe LeBron picked the wrong time to leave Cleveland.

If the Cleveland Browns can find a way to put a “W” on the board this year, fans inside FirstEnergy Stadium and in select parts of the city and outlying suburbs are going to be very happy and possibly very drunk. That’s because the crew at Bud Light is placing about 10 locked refrigerators filled with Bud Light in places where humans must be 21 years old to enter, and they will unlock if and when the Browns actually win a football game at the professional level this year.

Each fridge will hold up to 200 16-ounce aluminum bottles, and if the win happens to occur when the Browns are at home, unlocking the fridges and giving out free Bud Lights will not violate the NFL’s policy of cutting off beer sales at the end of the third quarter because no sale will be taking place. They’ll be free, bitch.

“We’re always cheering for them,” Bud Light’s Vice President of Marketing Andy Goeler said about the Browns. “Obviously they haven’t won in a while. We’re putting victory fridges out into the marketplace. When the Cleveland Browns win, at the end of the game, these refrigerators will send a wireless signal that will unlock them and give fans the opportunity to have a celebratory Bud Light.”

Awesome sauce.

Thanks to the latest technology, we’ve been able to jump ahead to Week 3 when the Browns beat the Jets at FirstEnergy Stadium, and here’s what it looks like outside of one of those Bud Light fridges:

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You have got to see this shit:

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