Jesus Aguilar Deserves The Majority Of Your ASG Final Votes But This Video Pimping Out Brandon Belt Is Also Worthy Of A Few, Brother

ballot brothers

by Tommy Gimler

Maybe it’s just us, but it sure seems like the “Ballot Brothers” do a shit ton of coke.

You’d be hard-pressed to find two people who know that both Derek Holland and Hunter Pence are still on a Major League roster much less on the same team, but that’s a good thing for the Giants clubhouse because you’d also be hard-pressed to find two bigger personalities and overall fun guys to be around. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of having Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent on the same team. I mean, those guys were two big-time cocksuckers.

Any crap, Holland and Pence briefly transformed into the “Ballot Brothers” in an effort to urge Giants fans to vote for their beloved teammate Brandon Belt, who currently finds himself in second place on the National League side of the All-Star Game’s “Final Vote,” and it was pretty goddamn funny.

Yeah, if they’re coming for you, it doesn’t matter if your walls are made of bricks. They’re busting through that shit.

Meanwhile in Milwaukee, the Brewers are reportedly giving out free doughnuts to everybody who votes for stud first baseman Jesus Aguilar, and that sounds like something that should go over rather well in Wisconsin. And yes, we’re pointing out the fact that so many people there are fat as fuck…

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You have got to see this shit: 

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