It Didn’t Take Long For Grayson Allen To Show The NBA He’s Still A Giant F**ktard

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by Tommy Gimler

I guess the question at this point is, “Just how small is Grayson Allen’s dick?”

I mean, have you ever seen anybody outside of an East Coast frat house have to compensate for it as much as Grayson Allen?

Odds are you’ve missed every single NBA Summer League game this year because you’ve been doing anything else, but that mean’s you missed Atlanta’s Trae Young and Utah’s Grayson Allen get into a little tiff Thursday night in Utah. Here’s pretty much how it went down. Young tried to drive to the right of Allen, and since Allen is a much lesser player, his only way to stop him was by hooking him with his left arm and not letting go. Young was less than pleased about it, and that somehow led to Allen lowering his head and trying to ram through Young like a bull coked out of his fucking mind.

Allen then did what he does best, throwing his hands up in the air in one of those “I didn’t do anything” manners. But as is usually the case with Allen, he did do something shady, which was obvious to everybody except him.

Our hope is that he learns the hard way that the NBA is quite different from the ACC when he tries tripping somebody who’s almost as unstable as him – like Lance Stephenson, for example – along the baseline. Maybe only being able to breathe through his mouth for a few weeks afterward is what he needs to straighten his shit out.

In a related story, Draymond Green might not be a lock to lead the league in “number of opposing players kicked in the dick” this year…

Wait, there’s more: Here’s The Pirates Bullpen Coach Spraying Something On A Reliever’s Arm

You have got to see this shit: 

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