Here’s Gary Sanchez’s Fat Ass Costing The Yankees Another Game


by Tommy Gimler

The New York Yankees lost a game to the Tampa Bay Rays Monday night, my seventh consecutive defeat in the four-letter’s Streak For Cash game.

I mean, Severino against Wood? Sign me the fuck up!

Well, it turns out Severino is a real bag of shit now. And speaking of sacks of fuck, let’s check in on his batterymate Gary Sanchez:

Just an absolute turd. If you’re hitting a buck 88 in the bigs, you better unhook the fucking trailer and get your ass on base. Especially when you can’t field worth a shit either.   

I’m sure we’re not the only ones riding Sanchez tonight, as odds are at least two dozen Bronx Bomber fans are still waiting on hold on WFAN’s phone lines to say that it really chapped their ass. It’s just that they in all honestly don’t matter.

It’s the other 24 guys in pinstripes taking the time to tell him he’s being a real cocksucker that would probably be more effective. Well, that and if they all chipped in and bought him a Bowflex…

Wait, there’s more: Noah Syndergaard Heading To The DL With Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease That He Likely Got Working At A Kids Camp

You have got to see this shit:

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