Who Knew The Chicago Bears Were Such A Classy Organization?

zach miller injury

by Tommy Gimler

As a Packers fan, it pains me to write a post that actually praises the Chicago Bears.

But what the organization did for tight end Zach Miller Monday morning is something you just don’t see very often in today’s “win at all costs” mentality in professional sports, with “costs” being the key word here.

Usually we’re reading a story about players getting cut in the third or fourth year of their six-year non-guaranteed deal because they’re going to make “too much money,” which often times begs the question, “Why in the fuck did you offer him that much then?” The answer is often times a simple one in that the front office knows that with NFL contracts not being of the guaranteed variety, all they have to do is throw them a little more up front in terms of a signing bonus to keep the player happy for the time being before totally dicking them over a few years later.

Of course, one could write a novel on that topic, but since I’m in Wisconsin, it’s 70 degrees and not raining, and WISN 12′s “Swat-Cast” says it’s just a “one-mosquito graphic” kind of day, I’m going to try to get outside and enjoy the day instead of wasting it inside the house ripping apart a system that’s unlikely to ever change. Instead, we’re going to give the Chicago Bears props for offering tight end Zach Miller a one-year contract for the veteran minimum despite the fact that he’s unlikely to play this season or ever again for that matter.

In case you forgot what happened to Miller last season, finish your lunch first and then have another look:

Brutal. Making it even worse? Those cocksuckers in stripes overturned the touchdown. I wouldn’t wish something like that upon my worst enemy or even somebody who plays for the Vikings. I mean, forget just being injured. The dude almost lost his fucking leg because of it.

What I would wish for is somebody getting the same respect and courtesy the Bears front office showed to Miller this morning. If Miller accepts the offer, he will get $458,000 if he doesn’t play and $790,000 if he does. Either way, the Bears weren’t obligated to do anything for Miller, as 2017 was the final year of his deal.

It’s truly an amazing gesture on the part of the Bears organization and a welcome relief from teams taking a king-sized screwdriver and jamming it up their players’ peeholes…

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You have got to see this shit:

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