The 5 Best Clips Of The Washington Capitals Celebrating Their Stanley Cup Win

ovechkin keg stand

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest. There is nothing on this planet that compares to winning the Stanley Cup.

You win the Super Bowl, you go to Disney World. I mean, cue the air jerk motion.

You win the World Series, you jet off somewhere to marry Kate Upton. All right, that’s pretty unbeatable as well, but the point is that the amount of drunken debauchery that takes place after winning the Stanley Cup is something that most of us dream of partaking in but will sadly never get that chance.

For a while there, it seemed as though Alex Ovechkin and company also weren’t going to get to bask in that glory, but then 2018 happened. And to say that the Washington Capitals are taking full advantage of the situation would be a bigger understatement than me saying I would like to hold Kate Upton’s hand, as everybody knows that I would eat a veggie burger out of her balloon knot, and I hate vegetables.

Now that that has been established, let’s take a look at the top five clips of the Capitals celebrating their Stanley Cup win.

5. “We’re not going to be fucking suck this year.”

4. Ovechkin and Holtby appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

3. The Capitals hit up Hakkasan inside MGM Grand after winning the Stanley Cup in Vegas.

2. Ovechkin does a keg stand out of the Stanley Cup at the Nationals game.

1. Damn near partying naked in the fountain at the Georgetown Waterfront.

Of course, we haven’t seen any clips of the dozens of orgies that have no doubt gone down in the last week, but the “zero fucks given” ones are still pretty cool…

Wait, there’s more: Is This The Greatest Stolen Base In Baseball History?

You have got to see this shit:

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