Probably The Greatest Sound Byte In Lingerie Football History

did you not see her grab my tits

by Tommy Gimler

“Did you not see her grab my tits?”

Odds are you missed the LFL’s Chicago Bliss curb stomp the LA Temptation 34-18 last month because you were busy doing anything else, but let’s be honest. It’s probably time that we all start watching this shit. Between the coaching tirades, female fans getting motorboated after touchdowns and wardrobe malfunctions, this might be the greatest professional sports league on the planet.

And speaking of wardrobe malfunctions, take a look at and a listen to Chicago’s Alli Alberts after she was pulled down by her yams while trying to make a tackle during the game.

“Do you not see my tit out?”

Yeah, you can’t answer that in 2018. I mean, talk about a no-win situation for that ref. If you didn’t see her get yanked to the ground by her jugs, you’re not doing your job. Then again, you can’t be out there looking at the players’ boobs all the time or you’re going to lose your job for being a pervert.

In fact, this ref probably did the best anybody on the planet could possibly do by getting her to explain her beef before finally saying, “I’m not looking that way.”

Of course, if you want to look that way, get on down to Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California this Saturday when the Austin Acoustic try to make sure the LA Temptation stay winless…

Wait, there’s more: The Jets Accidentally Tweeted A Pic Of Sam Darnold With A Naked Dude Behind Him

You have got to see this shit:

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